The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show 8-14-17

“The Gabba Gool Variety Show”
– Technology & Daydreaming
– Conte is with FB’s The Sicilian Guy
– Thinking out loud
– Kenny found great stuff
– Nazi sounds

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-31-17


-Officer Conte
-Mama Conte interrupts the show
-Kenny’s Birthday epiphany
-Kennys Mom calls in
-The Aquarium Boot
-Whatsa Matta U
-Phil Collins

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-24-17

“The Cuban Conte”
– Joe Fernandes & Mike Gaffney in studio
– Us as Musicians
– Early video Games
– Conte’s visit to Havana, Cuba

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-10-17

“The Garage Door Opener Chronicles”

– Conte Going to Cuba
– The Homemade Portable Toilet
– Questions for God
– Kenny loves commercials

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-27-17

6 seconds to Eat the Ass of a Rabbit”

– Cybil Shepard’s Pie
– Kenny the house flipper
– Kenny makes Words
– Kenny and The Too Hots
– The Conte Health update

The Conte and Kenny Show 06-12-17

“Sorry, it’s my allergies”

-Johnny O in studio
-Bill Maher
-Kenny Military Stories
-Conte’s Heart

The Conte and Kenny Show-05-22-17

“Commander Butty”
– Johnny O and Rich Carucci in studio
– Trump calls in
– Roger Waters Concert
– Best Cover songs

The Conte and Kenny Show 05-08-17

“The Absinthe Tales”

– Comedian KP Burke in studio
– Evil Thoughts
– Quantum Leaping to help evil people be good
– Kenny’s Neighbor
– Yngwie Malsteen is a prick

The Conte and Kenny Show 5-01-2017

“Don Jamieson call in”

– Cousin Joe Coletta in studio
– Where is Helsinki?
– Conte doing clean comedy?

The Conte and Kenny Show 4-24-2017

“The Uncomfortably Funny Episode”
– The Boys from The Uncomfortably Funny Show sit in studio
– Horrible videos
– Cop stories
– Comedy Stories