The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-30-18

“The Taylor Swift Toilet Flush”

Hour 1:
-Taylor Swift Concert
-Don’t touch my peanuts

Hour 2:
-C&K 13 year Anniversary
-Football Players
-Hallway Doody Room Service

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-9-18

“The Non Denominational Reaction”
Hour 1
-Dr Mengela helps Conte
-Jimmy Fallon’s impressions
-Cougar Helen

Hour 2
-The Waffler
-Conte’s Neighbor
-Kid scamming Kenny?
-Poolside at Kenny’s
-Johnny O’s bare ass

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-18-18

“Comfortably Funny”
– The guys from The Uncomfortably Funny Podcast in studio
– Horrifying Videos
– Bad pranks
– stories

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-11-18

“Switching Dicks”
Hour 1
– Conte’s pop gets a smartphone
– Dicks in high heels
– Kenny the Samaritan

Hour 2
– Relationship theory
– Anthony Bourdaine/ Depression
– Dogs and Gas cans
– Switch the dicks

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-4-18

“Baked Potato & C@nt Day”

Hour 1:
– Facebook Live !
– Dumb holidays
– Kenny at the wedding
– Phone calls

Hour 2:
– Rich Carucci calls in
– Kenny & the crosswalk
– Soul Train Kenny
– Mamma Eggshells

The Conte and Kenny Show 5-21-18

“The Bob Marley Experience”

Hour 1
– Pollen Count
– Conte Vacation
– Jamaican Joe
– Dexter the lost Cat

Hour 2
– Kenny buying shit
– Garbage Ocean
– Kenny’s Weed Dog
– Han Solo
– The Snot Clerk

The Conte and Kenny Show 5-7-18

“You take my breath away”

Hour 1
– Doggie Talk
– All Aboard The KennyShip
– Indian Ginzo
– Old Mower

Hour 2
– Kenny the Smoker
– Conte Family outing
– Leo Sayers
– Eddie Murphy

The Conte and Kenny Show 4-30-18

“Great Scott”

Hour 1
– Don MacArthur in studio
– Kenny’s Chicken eggs
– Doin’ the Chuck Berry
– Will from Scotland calls in

Hour 2
– The Delicious Song
– Italian Ghosts
– Kenny’s eternity
– Martial Arts

The Conte and Kenny Show 4-23-18

“Ready, Willing & Disabled”

– Comedian Mike Cotayo in studio
– Levy Fundraiser
– Kenny going back to comedy ?
– Soulmates
– Puppy talk
– Women love to break men down
– Will from Scotland calls in

The Conte and Kenny Show 4-16-18

“What’s with all the Hats?”
Hour 1
-Johnny O, his wife and Beverly in studio
-Conte is a mess
-Mail story
-Kenny the Flaggot
-Chicken Talk

Hour 2
-Conte is STILL a mess
-Chicken shit
-Cat Lady
-Johnny O passes out story