The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show 11-19-18

“No Kenny? No Problem”
Hour 1:
– Kenny is out,
-Conte & Joey Image do their best
-Bad, Bad TV
-Slayer mashup
Hour 2:
-The Stress Factory
-Being starstruck
– The worst infomercials

The Conte and Kenny Show 11-12-18

“Simply Amazing”
Hour 1
-Social Media Punishment
-The Vapid Selfie World

Hour 2
-KC Armstrong calls in to promote his book “Simply Amazing”
-Inspirational people

The Conte and Kenny Show 10-29-18


Hour 1:
-Listening to women
-Romantic crap

Hour 2
-Sincere apologies
-Uncle Kenny Buck
-Shoot the meatballs
-The Great Racoon Caper

The Conte and Kenny Show 10-22-18

“Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”

Hour 1:
– Goodfellas everyday
– Conte is the new Marv Albert
– House Fire

Hour 2:
– No Filter Paul
– Early internet
– Halloween parties
– Big A calls in

The Conte and Kenny Show 10-15-18

“Feeling a little Poopy?”

Hour 1
-40’s Music
-Mincing words

Hour 2
-Italy Trip
-Hostal Show
-Dog Snarfle
-Kenny’s Conflict

The Conte and Kenny Show 10-8-18

“Burnt Bridges”
Hour 1 :
Dexter is gone
Food in Heaven
Kenny loves your pets

Hour 2:
The 40’s
Rebellious Music throughout history
The Underbelly of society
The Ran Dels

The Conte and Kenny Show 9-24-18

“Helen’s Classics”

Hour 1:
-Mama Conte health update
-Farting Funeral
-Man digging for….
-Kenny the Nazi?

Hour 2:
-Conte the alcoholic?
-Robyn calls in
-Kenny falls out of the ceiling

The Conte and Kenny Show 8-27-18

“Gorilla Gone Wild”
Hour 1 :
– Conte loses his mind when FB doesn’t work and goes on a truly memorable rant for nearly an hour.

Hour 2:
– Comedian Disaster pal Ryan Kampner sits in
– Deep thoughts into the reasons to do stand up
– Crazy Bitch
– Cocaine , Cocaine , Cocaine

The Conte and Kenny Show 8-20-18

Peristaltic Reflex

Hour 1
Rich Carucci Troubled youth stories
Conte’s wife in studio
Sleep Apnea Masks
Naked Rich

Hour 2
3rd nipples
Tasers & Pooping
Lightning Kenny Superhero
Antfarm Dickhole
Depressed Comedian Ryan calls in

The Conte and Kenny Show 8-13-18

“Gilbert Gottfried: House Flipper”

Hour 1
– Romper Room
– Ass Pimple
– Conte’s childhood Low Self esteem
– Kenny the Surgeon

Hour 2
– Gilbert invasion
– lost dog
– Bugfellas
– Home depot