The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

Recent Shows

  • The Conte and Kenny Show 4-8-19 “Oh The Pain!” Hour 1 – We start off with Technical issues – Bob Levy calls in – Patti calls in – We discuss the Opioid issues in America Hour 2 – Happy songs that mention tragedy – We forgot what else we did in hour two
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 4-1-19 “Conte’s 50th Birthday Show” Hour 1 -Rich Carucci & Johnny O in studio -Freddy Mercury Cake Hour 2 -Matt Bridgestone stops by -Dave Sirus calls in -Conte’s AC gig
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 3-25-19 “You can’t follow a Nepalese Lesbian with Jokes” Hour 1 – Beverly and Brian – Singapore – Real Chinese food – World food – The McRib – Scottish Bartender Hour 2 – Conte’s Nightmare gig – Telling Jokes at Toilets – Musician Ricky Bustamante – Hawaiian Nose Humming
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 3-18-19 “Who Wants a Bucket of Cement?” Hour 1 – Toilet Etiquette – The Battle Axe – Cigars Wedding – Kenny’s room Hour 2 – Number 2 Jokes – Sunday Weddings – Cashing Corn Chex – Cement – Buddy Boy
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 3-11-19 “The Literal Lyrics Game” Hour 1 -Daylights Savings -Electrical Charges in life -Michael Jackson -R Kelly Hour 2 -The Music Band Name Quiz -WTF are they singing ? -Joey Image is Literally Literal

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