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The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

CK Shorts-Episode 12 “Mama Conte

-Mama Conte part 1

–Wyatt Earp?

-Marco Polo

-Mama Conte

Episode # 10 “My Buddy”

This episodes features Conte expressing his eternal friendship with his partner Kenny Michaels.101_2535

Episode #9 “Merry Freaking Xmas”

This episode of Conte and Kenny Shorts features a classic childish Christmas bit from many, many years ago.


New Conte and Kenny “Shorts” ready! Ep #8 Featuring Otto & George

Episode #8 “Seeking Heat ” features175138254_640 4 segments .  We discuss the Italian ship that crashed if Conte’s old man was captain,a true Craigs list FREAK, a hysterical moment with Kenny taking a beating and finally a classic bit from years ago with our pal Otto Peterson from “Otto and George” smashing our listeners. Click “Shorts” above or subscribe on Itunes to listen .  ENJOY !!!

Episode #7 “The Handicapped Italian Jersey Shore”

CKShortsLogoThis episode features Kenny bragging that he is pals with “The Situation” , An Aol blind date from purgatory, and a classic from the early years with Conte teaching Kenny italian words from his disturbed parents.  THIS is a good one !!

Episode #6 “Daddy Dont Touch the Puppet”

CKShortsLogoThis episode Features Rich and Tony from Unlearn TV , and a classic from our pal the legend Otto Petersen  from Otto and George

Episode #5 ” Tartar Sauce”

CKShortsLogoClassic episode has Kenny Laughing til it hurts

Episode #4 “Sandy’s Straw Hat Lunch “


The Boys goof on a old radio ,being poor white kids getting free lunches in school and Banana boats

Episode 3 “Rinse and Repeat”

CKShortsLogoIn the third episode of “The Conte and Kenny Shorts” the guys teach us a valuable life lesson.

Episode 2 “Towels and Trannys”


“Conte and Kenny Shorts” brings you this lovely gem about sexuality and laundry.