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The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

CK Shorts-Episode 12 “Mama Conte

-Mama Conte part 1

–Wyatt Earp?

-Marco Polo

-Mama Conte

Conte and Kenny are now on every Sat night midnight-2AM on WMEX 1510AM in Boston

Yep, you heard right, along with doing the normal monday nights 7pm on, we can also be heard from Midnight -2AM every Saturday night !  So give us a listen and hear us do FCC friendly radio.

1. WMEX 1510AM in Boston  The online stream is or

We thank the great guys from WMEX for the opportunity


Let The Conte and Kenny Show be the soundtrack of your D.U.I. !!




Conte & Kenny Live 7pm Tonight

The Conte and Kenny Show is live tonght at 7pm, tonight we touch a little on the final goodbye to our pal Otto Petersen with his wonderful Memorial yesterday. Actor ,Wrestler and Filmaker Pete Bond sits in studio and much more as we get back normal shitty boring shows. Listen and join the chat or just D/L the free “Tune in” app and search More Like Radio” and listen anywhere.

Mondays show with Otto and George AND a new “Shorts” episode available

Mondays episode “Otto minus George Birthday” Show is available .

Conte is depressed, it’s Conte’s birthday, we think about shortening the show, comic egos.
Otto Peterson from Otto & George stop by along with Keith Carnevale, we discuss hoarders, bad comedy and we take a few good phone calls.

AND the latest “Shorts” is up “My Buddy” episode #10

A BRAND new Conte and Kenny Shorts episode is ready for you.

Its been since Christmas but we finally have a new “Shorts” episode ready to go, #10 “My Buddy”. This one is a little longer about 40 minutes total, it features 5 bits including one from the early days,(Tony Zenheydas) and we didnt forget the Kenny Michaels sound byte of the day either . So enjoy this one and tell your friends to subscribe and check out all the shorts, they are perfect for the A.D.D. world we live in.  ENJOY !!

So click the shorts button up top or heres the link for Itunes



The latest CK show “The Wedding Dancer” is available for Download now

“The Wedding Dancer”

The guys start off with Kenny and his wedding weekend, then get into the worst/best weddings they have ever been to.They get a call from a Canadian who has some things in common with Kenny, and some other issues. Nervous Patti calls in, Fire talk, a new Shorts episode, Jews who rub sea salt creme on your fingers and a MAJOR tease for next week? Very good show B+

Here are the links to listen and or subscribe !!!

File Download (180:22 min / 83 MB)

The latest Conte & Kenny Show is available for Download

The Conte & Kenny Show — March 17 2014

“The St Patrick’s Suicide Prevention Offensive”

Conte is a little sick and Kenny skyped in because St Pattys Day is “Amateur Night”

– They call Conte’s mom for some entertainment news

– The most offensive video in history ? ( in theory)

photo– suicide chat – Conte hooker stories – songs ruined by weddings. Grade B

File Download (170:02 min / 78 MB)

The Latest CK show “Blind Fish out of Water” is available for D/L

The Conte & Kenny Show — March 10 2014

“Blind Fish out of Water”

We had a very busy show with calls from: Dave Sirus, Andy (Rorshac from the It’s all about me podcast )Wes Bandermere (  and Joe Coletta. We discus everything from missing planes to Kenny also shows what  fish who cant see look like .Click the link to see Kenny in action .  TRUST US, ITS A GEM !
A very good show. A-

File Download (176:55 min / 81 MB)

The latest Conte and Kenny Show 3-3-14 “KennyFeld” is available to D/L

  • The Conte & Kenny Show — March 03 2014“KennyFeld”

    “What’s the deal with Kenny not feeling well and skyping in from home”? That hopefully will explain the title. We talk oscars then Acting vs Everything. Conte recalls a teacher in HS doing naughty things, he also recalls his Junior Dinner heartbreak , & a stupid long / short road trip in ‘96. Mardi Gras , teenage motivational songs and lots of calls. A Very good show . Grade A-

    File Download (179:22 min / 82 MB)


Snow or no snow, C&K will be in studio Monday night!!

Dont fret kids, The Conte and Kenny Show will be in studio monday night no matter what the weather. So get your hot chocolate and cuddle up next to your…whatever bloodless electronic device you use to listen to the show and join us. Listen on or for either chatroom or just Download the FREE “Tune In” app and search More Like Radio and listen through there. Be there at 7pm and stick with us till bedtime at 10pm.  We will be here.                                     995770_10201234441039561_1801156677_n