The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

July 25th 2005: The Launch of the “Bagg O’ Nuts internet radio show.

The Bagg O’ Nuts was a comedy group made up with a bunch of comedian friends who put together shows, made a CD and had a fun time in the beginning of their careers. Joe Conte, one of the guys always wanted to do radio, so he teamed up with his longtime pal Kyle Sarrechia (also part of the group) to do The Bagg O’ Nuts radio show. James DeBenedetto (owner of The Comedy Shoppe) and Bob Anglum were there from the beginning as producers, on air contributors and behind the scenes guys.

Soon after the launch Kyle became less and less available due to personal issues (he’s all better now) so Kenny Michaels, being of on the 1st guests on the show, starting sitting in regularly. The chemistry was instant, Kenny’s impressions,strange childhood & his sickening optimism blended so well with Conte’s self loathing, and pessimistic view of everything about himself (including the show).

Eventually after a few months they decided to change the name to The Conte and Kenny Show. After almost 5 years of fun radio with a slew of guests, contests and freakshows who would call the show regularly, Conte decided to do his own show, The Joe Conte Show. It was not some fake radio fight, in fact there was no bad blood at all. Conte just wanted to try something different. So Kenny continued doing the show under the name Juvenile Frequency with James and recent addition to the show, the great comedian Mike Gaffney. (Bob had recently left the show due to work and family).

About 1 year later both Conte and Kenny realized that they wanted to do radio together again so they decided to give it another go, with a smaller crew (just them 2) and they seem to be doing OK. So July 11th 2011 they relaunched The New Conte and Kenny Show which airs every Monday night 7-10pm. Same “Low Brow and Cultish” show, with a little “Arrogance and Alcoholism” added to it. Enjoy yourself and tell your friend about the show.