The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

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  • The Conte and Kenny Show 12-3-18 “Oooey & Gooey” Hour 1 -Online shopping -Kenny the CPAP man -Rudolph the Red Nosed… Hour 2 -Xmas Boob Sweaters -Phrases that drive Kenny batty -Husky -Kenny’s Granola Balls
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 11-26-18 “VenomYanni Parmigiani” Hour 1 – Artie Lange Show – Stryper – A Place for Mom – Mash ups – Carucci calls in Hour 2 – Gilbert Madness – Mama Conte Port hole – Our Dads Beers – Will from Scotland calls in
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 11-19-18 “No Kenny? No Problem” Hour 1: – Kenny is out, -Conte & Joey Image do their best -Bad, Bad TV -Slayer mashup -Rejected Hour 2: -The Stress Factory -Being starstruck – The worst infomercials
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 11-12-18 “Simply Amazing” Hour 1 -Social Media Punishment -The Vapid Selfie World -SNL Hour 2 -KC Armstrong calls in to promote his book “Simply Amazing” -Inspirational people
  • The Conte and Kenny Show 10-29-18 “Baloneyyyy” Hour 1: -Spritzers -Listening to women -Romantic crap -Baloneyyyyy Hour 2 -Sincere apologies -Uncle Kenny Buck -Shoot the meatballs -The Great Racoon Caper

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