The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show-1-2-17

“The New Years Gala”
-Kennys ride to the studio
-Gilbert goes nuts
-The Victrola
-Hitler’s fetishes

The Conte and Kenny Show-12-19-16

“The Kerploosh Diner”
-Gayla Peevy sings
-Mamma Conte in Rehab
-Kennys Niece
-Tracy Lords
-14 pound ham
-Grape leaves
-McRib Retard

The Conte and Kenny Show-12-12-16

“The Bathtub Incident”
-Kenny is out sick
-Rich Carucci and Mike Jenkins sit in
-lots of calls
-lots of laughs

The Conte and Kenny Show-12-5-16

“The Spitting Elderly”

-Johnny O in studio
-Artie Lange Comedy Show
-Late Election chat
-Kenny’s Neighbor

The Conte and Kenny Show-11-28-16

“Due to Technical Difficulties”

We couldn’t broadcast so we just taped a show. Comedian and longtime pal Kevin Israel sits in studio and dive into Steroids, Conte’s disgust of The Jets, our old comedy tapes, Comedy bombings, family members don’t think we are funny.

The Conte and Kenny Show-11-21-16

“The ___________ Air-freshener”

– Conte’s Racist Uber rider
– Conte’s slimming down & growing hair
– The Cartoon Kid
– Kenny the Windtalker
– The epic bombing by our listener pal .

The Conte and Kenny Show-11-14-16

“Alpo Meat Locker”

– Trump
– Gay Honest Abe
– Kenny’s Masterbation sticker
– Chuck Wagon
– Paul Lynde

The Conte and Kenny Show-11-7-16

“The Codfather ”

-Election nonsense
-Mama Conte update
-Brian from The Radio Freaks
-Exxotica in NJ

The Conte and Kenny Show-10-24-16

“Cream Soda”
-Conte’s kitty
-Kevin Meaney
-SNL’s Debates
-Christmas Memories
-Harry Carey

The Conte and Kenny Show-10-10-16

“Trumpazoid /Clintonoid”
-Opie and Anthony
-Who’s an asshole ?
-Kenny on the phone
-Kennys final FINAL solution