The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-25-16

“Conte’s Back”
– Conte’s health and life update
– Conte and Kenny 11th year together
– Frogs and Old Commercials

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-27-16

“Johnny O in Studio”
– Kenny is the Capt on the ship
– Conte on Skype
– Our Scottish pal calls in
– Health update

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-13-16

“A Spagget-Together”

Conte is Angry and losing his mind
– Guns vs Guns
– Penny will be missed
– Rolf vs Rudy
– Bon Jovi Stinks

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-6-16

“Falling Up”

-Real FB Drama
-Conte shaving his wife
-Miami Soul Music
-Kenny and Jim Breuer
-Bully Stiicks


“Chicken Diapers”
– Memorial Day
– Animal Golf
– Violence getting old
– superhero complex

The Conte and Kenny Show 5-23-16

“Kennys Dream”
-Batchelor Parties
-Conte’s Mom
-Gilbert Godfrey/Corn/Hookers/Abba

The Conte and Kenny Show-5-16-16

“You big piece of….”

– Go F Yourself
– Big Scott Will Calls in
– Funeral performances
– Mom talking on toilet
– Learning to grab balls w/ Kenny

The Conte and Kenny Show-5-9-16

“Sponsored by Diss Miss”

– Mothers Day
– Rorschach calls in
– Patti’s songs
– Carson Bloopers
– News with Doug Nelson
– Fish Guy

Conte and Kenny AM-05-7-16

“Giant Organ”

– Roofer guys
– Lobos Family
– Hand Deformities
– Kennys Neighbor
– Kennys future Suicide?

The Conte and Kenny Show-05-02-16

“Conte and Kenny-Less”
– Kenny is sick and Conte tries flying solo
– Conte talks marriage, comedy
– Doug Nelson calls in and we really dig in
– Hope you somewhat like it.