The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern


Johnny O
– BeyoncĂ©
– FB posts
– Honeymooners
– Kennys Mail
– Tot Finders
– Walk in Tubs

The Conte and Kenny Show 2-8-16

“It’s a Convoy”

Super Bowl
– Peyton Manning the Pitchman
– Financial Advisers
– The News with Doug Nelson
– Kenny the Minister.

The Conte and Kenny Show 2-1-16

“Mosh and Murder ?”
Kenny gonna quit smoking?
– Ska Bands
– Lamb of God
– Conte and Kennys sister
– Cop story-News with Doug Nelson


– Johnny Watson in studio
– awful comedy shows
– Gas station rip offs
– A place for Mom
– Hitler loved 16yr old girls

The Conte and Kenny Show 01-18-16

“Reality Suites”

Conte’s cousin Antonio visits
– Planet Jersey
– Kenny and the Bachelor party
– Antonio and his band Reality Suites
– Medieval Times
– Nelson News


“1-16-16 WMEX 1510AM”

– Conte’s Honeymooners Obsession
– Crumb Cake
– Fraudulent Infomercials
– Spagetti O’s
– Conte’s old Roommate.

The Conte and Kenny Show 01-11-16

“The Lesbian Slot Machine”
– David Bowie
– Lottery
– Born This Way
-The News w/ Doug Nelson

The Conte and Kenny Show 1-04-16

“Sexy Soapy Talk”
– New Years Eve
– Petey Greene
– The Tonight Show
– Three’s Company
– Monster Squad

The Conte and Kenny Show 12-28-15

“The Sh#t Show”
-Christmas stories
-Muscrat Hate
-R.I.P. Lemmy
-John Wayne Gay?
-Kenny and his shit hurling stories

The Conte and Kenny Show 12-21-15

“The Uber Challenge”

Christmas music- The Ghost Cookie- The Real Joe Conte shows up- Odell Beckham JR- Anthony Cumia – Uber mania .