The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show 04-25-16

“The Newlyweds”

Conte and Beverly’s wedding and honeymoon recap and she joins them in studio
– Kenny and the cops
– Another musical version of Guess what Kenny Found
– Ted Cruz look-a-like Porno

The Conte and Kenny Show – 04-11-16

“The Zoo Tongue Chronicles”

– Bob Levy Show screw up
– Molecular Butt Monkey
– Kenny the Maid
– Japanese Kenny
– Snake Girl
– Tranny Bathrooms

The Conte and Kenny Show 4-4-16

“The Snapper Show”

Conte’s birthday and Bachelor party- Kenny hates his grandparents – Melanie Martinez- Mousetrap- Close call with a sex offender- The greatest soul love song of all time – Kenny’s invention

The Conte and Kenny Show 3-21-16

“The Wheelchair Kid ”

Comic-Con Comedy
– Mamas boy
– Trump is an asshole
– Flophouse Hipster douches
– The News with Doug Nelson


Power Outage – Macedonian Junkman – Injun / Italian actors – Allergies – C&K sing the blues – Trump is an A-Hole .

The Conte and Kenny Show 3-7-16

“Peyton Manning and Penis Names”

-Bad Gig
-Keeping your cool
-Otto’s favorite songs
-Peyton Manning
-Nancy Reagan
-Japanese ass eating


“3-5-16 C&K WMEX 1510AM ”

Carson- Kenny’s Hair PSA- Magic- Unicorns- #STS- Wedding invitations- Marilyn Monroe Porno.

Conte & Kenny AM Show

– Facebook
– Reddit
– Jim Baker’s Buckets
– TV Chefs
– Robotics

The Conte and Kenny Show – 2-22-16

“Kennys Church of Banging”

Kenny’s Wedding services
– Lack of Identity epidemic
– Semen shooting
– Shovel Nazis
– The News with Doug Nelson
– Joe Coletta in studio

C&K One hour AM Extravganza

– Trump / Kanye similarities
– Feeding Cats and Lions
– The presidential nominees
– a true test of racism for everyone