The Original* Odd Couple Is Back.

*well, not completely original - those guys are dead

Arrogance and Alcoholism - Mondays nights from 7-10pm Eastern

The Conte and Kenny Show-10-10-16

“Trumpazoid /Clintonoid”
-Opie and Anthony
-Who’s an asshole ?
-Kenny on the phone
-Kennys final FINAL solution

The Conte and Kenny Show 9-26-16

“The Urine Chronicles”

-Cool Cat Conte
-Ren Fair
-Conte’s decisions
-Marco Polo FB friend request
-Girl squatter
-Kenny gives out porn

The Conte and Kenny Show 9-17-16AM

“The Mendoza Line”

– Mamma Conte update
– Sleep Apnea
– Conte Vadar
– Weed Desserts
– Star Trek Tech
– National Anthem sitting chat

The Conte and Kenny Show-8-15-16

“Wyatt Slurp”
– Sleepy Sleepy Gorilla
– Farts vs Raspberries
– The show was SO all over the place but WELL worth it

The Conte and Kenny Show-8-8-16

“The lost show of 2016”

– Conte is a dick
– Kennys moms peppers
– Conte has Kenny laughing in pain
– we lost connection & cut show short


“C&K WMEX 1510AM 8-6-16”
-Conte’s Mom is Manic
-Bitches on TV
-Kenny does Calisthenics
-Italian curse words

The Conte and Kenny Show 08-01-16

“What Balls may Fall”
– Conte’s mom is doing well
– Conte’s mom Positive vs Negative
– Soup!!!!!!!!
– Rice!!!!!!!!
– Kenny loses the big bet
– Otto’s Birthday
– and much more

The Conte and Kenny Show 7-25-16

“Conte’s Back”
– Conte’s health and life update
– Conte and Kenny 11th year together
– Frogs and Old Commercials

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-27-16

“Johnny O in Studio”
– Kenny is the Capt on the ship
– Conte on Skype
– Our Scottish pal calls in
– Health update

The Conte and Kenny Show 6-13-16

“A Spagget-Together”

Conte is Angry and losing his mind
– Guns vs Guns
– Penny will be missed
– Rolf vs Rudy
– Bon Jovi Stinks